Halleluya ! Halleluya !


The above photo, of Donald Trump’s rally in Mobile on Friday, is making the rounds on social media. It’s a breathtaking image. Laleh Khalili of the University of London-SOAS, sharing the photo on Facebook, thus commented: “I pray to god that this picture is real, not pieced together, as it needs to hang in a gallery for conveying an utterly horrifying mood, a moment of terror, in these super-saturated colours and its manic absurdity.” Laurie King of Georgetown U. added: “If Norman Rockwell came back from the dead, smoked some crack, and had some Southern Comfort on the rocks with Coca Cola, this is what he’d paint.” (…)  From  Arun with a view.


Auteur : L'homme à la cloche

"La question que les temps veules posent est bien: qu'est-ce qui résiste? Qu'est-ce qui résiste au marché, aux médias, à la peur, au cynisme, à la bêtise, à l'indignité?" Serge Daney

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